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Presence in an Emerging Global Market

Diverxia H2 stands out as a global company focused on the development of projects that enable the full utilization of green H2, encompassing its uses as fuel and energy value, thus committing to the decarbonization of the global economy.

With a team composed of professionals with extensive experience in the field of renewable energies, Diverxia H2 offers customized projects tailored to each client, grounded in efficiency, responsibility, and environmental commitment.

Our activity focuses on three key business lines: the creation of a structure for the generation and supply of green H2 for heavy mobility, with infrastructures located in major transport corridors and logistics centers; blending projects for the energy industry; and the design and development of individualized projects where H2 is used both as an energy vector and as raw material.

CO2-Free Services within the Framework of 2030 Goals

At a time when countries worldwide have set the decarbonization of the planet as a top priority by 2050, green hydrogen emerges as one of the solutions to the problem.

Currently, green H2 is considered a viable alternative to more traditional fossil fuels.

Therefore, at Diverxia H2, we focus our efforts on developing technologies and services that allow the integration of green hydrogen use in the logistics and industrial sector.

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Our pillars

Our work philosophy is based on ensuring that each project meets the highest quality standards, based on technological innovation, efficiency, commitment to our teams, suppliers, and stakeholders, and a proven solvency throughout our trajectory.






The Value of Being Part of the Alonso Holding

Diverxia H2 is a company integrated into Grupo Alonso, a multi-sectorial and international holding composed of over a hundred companies with activities in three major business areas: Logistics / Energy and Infrastructure / Leisure and Services. The Alonso corporate group operates on five continents. Providing the most comprehensive, effective, and professional coverage to meet the specificities of each market.

A differential and added value that gives our company a very advantageous position in an increasingly globalized, connected, and competitive market.