Our Activity to Pioneer Decarbonization

Our mission goes beyond merely driving heavy mobility; we are leading a revolution in the logistics transportation industry by offering a sustainable and advanced alternative. Hydrogen, as an energy source, represents a fundamental solution to address environmental challenges and the need to reduce carbon emissions in freight transport. With our commitment to research, development, and the production of high-quality hydrogen fuel, we play a crucial role in transitioning towards a cleaner and more efficient future in logistics, where heavy mobility will no longer be synonymous with negative environmental impact but with sustainable and responsible progress.

Zero-Emission Project Development

to Improve the Future


Mobility projects

We design and develop projects for the generation and supply of green hydrogen focused on heavy-duty mobility.


Blending H2 + Nat Gas

We design and develop comprehensive projects for the generation, blending, and injection of green H2 into the natural gas network for the energy industry.


Ad-hoc solutions

At Diverxia H2, we design and develop ad-hoc projects for the use of H2 both as an energy carrier and as raw material.

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