Diverxia H2 participates in Overfly Forum 2023 highlighting Spain’s role in green hydrogen and transportation decarbonization

June 1, 2023

Diverxia H2, a prominent company in promoting sustainable hydrogen solutions, sponsored the Overfly Forum 2023, participating in the roundtable titled “Spain as a global powerhouse in Green H2.” The session featured the presence of our H2 Engineer, Raúl Marqués, who engaged in discussions alongside Emilio Nieto from CNH2, Íñigo Ortega from Tecnalia, and Alejandro Blanco from Hiperbaric.

The session provided attendees with the opportunity to delve into key discussions about Spain’s role in green hydrogen production and its impact on the transition to more sustainable energy sources.

Raúl Marqués shared significant insights into Spain’s energy landscape. He highlighted that road transportation accounts for nearly 95% of energy consumption in the mobility sector in the country, contributing significantly to 33% of the national final energy consumption.

Marqués emphasized the importance of developing new solutions for heavy mobility based on renewable hydrogen technologies and comprehensive projects to achieve economic decarbonization. In his words, “The decarbonization of long-distance logistics transportation requires deployment of both infrastructure and vehicles, fostering a sustainable and efficient approach.”

Diverxia H2’s participation in this panel, alongside prominent industry experts, reaffirms its commitment to promoting innovative and sustainable solutions to address current energy challenges.

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