Diverxia H2, proud sponsor and advocate for the role of hydrogen in decarbonization at Energyear H2 2023

April 12, 2023

Within the framework of the Energyear H2 event, Diverxia H2 is proud to have been an active sponsor and key participant in two discussion panels relevant to sustainable futures. The event brought together prominent experts and professionals from the sector, all committed to the transition towards a decarbonized economy.

With the reflection that “hydrogen must be part of a state pact because its application is essential for the decarbonization process of the economy,” the Head of Business Development at Diverxia H2, José Luis Martínez Rivero, concluded the participation in the panel titled “Business opportunity and requirements to develop an H2 project.”

In this discussion, Diverxia H2 exchanged ideas with industry leaders such as Qair Group, INGENOSTRUM, WKN GmbH, DH2 Energy, and Alpiq, highlighting the importance of collaboration to drive hydrogen projects forward.

Thanking the Energyear H2 team for the opportunity, Diverxia H2’s participation continued with Raúl Marqués Gimeno in the panel “What is needed for H2 to play a relevant role in land, sea, and air transport.” In this debate, Diverxia H2 emphasized the need for extensive deployment of green hydrogen refueling infrastructure to drive decarbonization of heavy transport.

ShariSharing the table with prominent industry representatives such as Gasnam-Neutral Transport, Airbus, DAF Trucks NV, Navantia, S.A., S.M.E, and ACME Group, Diverxia H2 underscored the importance of collaborating in creating a sustainable ecosystem for hydrogen-based transport.

But above all, Diverxia H2’s active participation in Energyear H2 2023 has highlighted its commitment to innovation and sustainable development, reaffirming its role as a leader in promoting hydrogen solutions for comprehensive decarbonization of the economy and transport.

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